Friday, June 5, 2009

B.A. Update

here in argentina.

today we went to la boca, the colorful famous houses!

i accidentally ate a lot of plastic.

we really like being in a city. its quite the change from peru and ecuador. especially taxis.. we even had one that had a GPS system. last night we went out and met up with a few friends Nik has here studying abroad plus some of their friends. The scene was crazy and really crowded and we discovered something new..


You think guys in Ecuador are bad. And I already complained about the men in Peru. BUT the men in Argentina take the icing off the cake. Or top the cake. Or whatever that saying is. They are crazy and really forward and in your face.


It has been very surprising..for some reason we thought they'd be more tame down here.

Oh also hilarious, we went to this vegetarian restaurant today and everything was gray/brown and tasted the same. Once Nik tried to ask what something was and the response she got was "de verdura" or of vegetable..well DUH! It was really reminiscent of a church fellowship meal, just without the weird meats and without my mama's delicious addition to the meal, baked ziti. YUM. (If you're reading this mom, I really want some of that baked ziti when I get home :-) ) The restaurant just looked like a soup kitchen. Thanks for the suggestion, Lonely Planet..hahaha.

We come home so soon and we can't believe our trip is almost over!

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