Friday, July 22, 2011

Glacier National Park

The night before backpacking, Jess was giving Nik and me a few different tips on what to pack and why. I asked if we would need our bathing suits for any swimming fun and she answered, "Well, it is glacial runoff so I don't know how much swimming we'll be doing."

Noted. We leave our bathing suits at home. (The car.)

After our hike into backcountry we got up the ganas to take a dive sans clothing! (And by dive, I mean cautious but simultaneously clumsy tip-toeing off the rocks.) And guess what? Glacial runoff is COLD. We dunked ourselves in the lake, came up gasping for air, and took a really fast splash-bath. Reaching for the edge of the water almost as soon as we got knee-deep, Nikk and I had a new respect for backpackers who do this on the regular (aka Jess, our wise backcountry guide).

Here are some funny pics for our blog friends, and not our Facebook friends:

Note the CAMP SOAP, our BFF

Fly high!!

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