Friday, July 8, 2011

Wall Drug

Hey All,

As my blog recently reminded me on facebook, we've been a bit absent from keeping this up to date...mostly because we don't have internet! But we're aiming to do better. I'm adding a few tonight, and then in a few more days check back. We'll be out in the wilderness until Tuesday (I think). Tomorrow we're going on a backpacking trip through the "back country." YIKES BEARS! A REAL HIKE. This time, I'm all sorts of ready.

Check it:

1. I bought hiking pants (not gonna be sporting my NWMS gym shorts! not sure what I mean? check out a post on here from the inca trail)AND THEY ZIP APART. One pant leg up! what's it mean!
2. I'm wearing my sneakers (aka not breaking in hiking boots the day before and forming outrageous blisters)
3. I'm borrowing Jess's mom's sleeping bag and backpack so I won't die of frostbite.

But back to Wall Drug. Nik and I saw so many billboards along the road in South Dakota. They were made of wood. (not metal.) Most were encouraging us not to get an abortion, one suggested we start wearing fur! (for population control, of course) and mannyyy were advertising Wall Drug. This place was made famous during the Great Depression because it gave out free ice-water. NOM. It still does!

Here is a photo journal of our short time there:

Just sayin' HI!

Me and Jess being culturally sensitive!

Jess taming the mysterious, wild jackalope!

Me, being a party pooper. (That shit wasn't wild.)

Nikki riding a fake horse.

Boob-grab. BOW-WOW-WOW

Guns for kids!

So long, Wall Drug!

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  1. Did the Magic Ink Fun Center make Nikki's eyeballs disappear?????