Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2 quick notes

1. At home I love a little dippy egg (over easy/over medium) with a piece of toast. YUM. Here, I still get the dippable egg but instead of a crunchy piece of bread to dip in it, I get rice. Or sometimes when I'm lucky, potatoes. It is not as good.

2. Last night, after a failed attempt to go see a fĂștbol game, we decided to stay out for a bit longer--hey now, it costs money to get into Quito, so once we're there, we stay. Anyway, we're out for a little while whatever, whatever and we head home. Now, going home at night is always a challenge. First we have to argue with about 13 cab drivers to find someone who isn't trying to rip us off. Then we have to pray that they will actually drive us all the way TO lumbisi and THEN to our houses. *insert: I'm super excited because the road behind my house was just built so it's much more likely they'll drive me! IT IS SO EXCITING to have that road!! Poor Nik, she still hasn't got one, but when she does, it'll be better than mine because it will be in the front of her house. * So last night we find a really good taxi, driven by Sr. Milton and we head home. The last challenge (and in my opinion, SCARIEST) is facing the dogs.

My friend Eva had some french fries and gave me a few to ward off any dogs I may encounter on my way to the door. In order to get to my house I always have to walk through the back of my yard where there are anywhere from 1-7plus dogs waiting to attack. Because my parents in the states "remember" and "care" about me, they've taken absolutely no action in buying me the dog keep away thing I asked for. THANKS, I can tell you are really concerned for my well being. Well, anyway, last night it seemed fairly safe. And I am walking by Krusty, the stupid little puppy that belongs to my crazy Aunt Patty or cousin or someone and he starts barking. I've learned that while that dog isn't dangerous, he tends to wake up the other dogs, but for some reason or another, nothing was happening and I felt like I would get in my house FINE. So I start eating the french fries, why not, right?

WRONG MOVE, STEWART! As soon as I do, MY dog starts barking and charging at me and I'm terrrrrrrified! and trying to say his name in a soothing way, but these dogs are CRAZY and don't respond to normal things like that! So you know what I did? I took the chewed, mushy french fry OUT of my mouth and throw it at him. It shut him up, but was a little ridiculous. Message of the story? I want my high pitch thing to scare the dogs.


  1. I'm petrified of dogs so I'd be happy to send it to you. Does Carly have your address?

  2. My host family in Lima's dog was kept locked in a small courtyard and never was let out, good thing too, it was quite ferocious.

    I had some questionably dippy eggs (some of the white was not thoroughly cooked) I however had nice bread to eat it with. At my house we always had fresh rolls to eat. Everything was eaten with bread, even tamales. The tamales were put inside of buns as if they were lunch meat.

  3. Oh Kels, I'm pretty sure my mom sent you guys some rape whistles that can potentially be used against the dogs as well. The french fry story was simultaneously hilarious and pitiful. I have to learn to stop checking your blog while at work because you both write the most ridiculous tales and I always burst out laughing. Then I get weird looks from coworkers.

  4. hi hi!! i would be forever indebted if you did send it.. carly does have my address because she sent me a postcard (holla, carly!)

  5. Ani's right. Help is on the way! I tracked down and bought a bunch of those super duper, loud as all get out whistles like Ani got from Public Safety at Bryn Mawr. They're on their way to you as I write. I spoke to a vet who didn't think a high pitched dog whistle was such a good idea because it might actually attract the dogs rather than repel them. I'm hoping the sheer volume of these things will stun the dogs long enough for you to make a break for it if you need to (although I didn't think about the effect they'll have on folks within earshot). And these whistles should also come in handy when the two of you are walking where you shouldn't be instead of taking a cab (don't even think about doing that again!). . . .

  6. haha thanks for telling me what the vet said... that would be the worst! and i don't think we'll ever walk instead of take a cab instead. last night i was in cumbaya and i was like, not walking taking a cab! (and cumbaya is the ritziest place ever, where our university is)