Monday, March 16, 2009

representin' like you knew we would

You know it.
Penn State around the world: location-top of Mt. Pichincha in Quito, Ecuador

Us and our friend Daissy at the top of Pichincha. We took the teleferiQo up here, kind of like a ski lift on crack.

at lake Papallacta. It was super bonito here; a little higher up in the mountains we went swimming in the hot springs where the water is naturally heated by a nearby active volcano, holler. It was actually ballz hot in that water, shiza.


  1. Nice pictures, but I hope you weren't the ones responsible for that bit of grafiti.

  2. you are both pretty much at least 10 shades darker than me (nikki, you may be more like 20)...excuse me while i go slit my wrists for failing life as a middle easterner.

  3. the graffiti reminds me of our elementary school field trip... you know what i'm talking about kstew :)

  4. Dear J Good,
    <3 the blog writers :)

  5. hahaha Nazy there's no way that Kes-ley is darker than you. Please.

  6. Zack, I beg to haven't seen me in over 3 months! I'm paler than an Irish ghost right now...but no worries! I plan on getting my skin cancer on (i.e. hitting the tanning booths twice, possibly three times, a day until your return to the states). ;-)