Monday, March 23, 2009

this isn´t even a place we visited..we just stopped to take pics along the side of the road because everything is so gorgeous in ecuador

here´s a picture of the scary spider that lives in my shower and that i have yet to be able to kill!

beautiful waterfall

little cute puppy... an Ecuadorian dog that I don´t dislike!?

here´s a music man!


  1. Puppy is cute, spider is terrifying, country is beautiful. Glad to know you guys are doing well! I miss you both!

  2. spider in shower maybe the scariest thing ever i would refuse to shower. ever

  3. please kill that spider. please. it is already haunting me in my sleep and I just saw it two seconds ago.

  4. Ok honestly that spider is GROSS!! I hope it dies or moves away.

    But I can't believe you found a dog you actually like. I thought my dog was the only dog you liked.

    Love Love