Wednesday, May 13, 2009

dogs suck it.

so all you people (mom and dad) who would laugh when i complained about the dogs and made jokes about there being a cat outside on the street!! just take a look at our friend daissy's dog bite :-((( she almost made it out alive, the dog attacked one day before her departure! we miss you daissy and we hope you don't have rabies.

secondly, AMAZING NEWS... we heard that there is now a mandate in lumbisi and all dogs with owners have to put collars on them because soon enough the dogs found withOUT collars will be KILLED! i shouldn't be so glad about that but i am. nikki's mom told her that they put meat with poison in the streets and the dogs eat it and die and then there are a bunch of dead dogs all over the street. which is gross. but really sort of nice at the same time..CHISTE!


  1. OH MY GOD!! That picture is so disgustingly painful looking I feel like I am going to throw up. DEAR GOD!! ... You DO have your dog whistle now, right?

  2. Hey! thats me!
    yes, that is a disgustingly looking pic.

    But, im glad it was the leg and not the neck.
    i got my shots!... so no rabia!