Sunday, May 31, 2009



Martin! The porter/chef who cooked us gourmet meals along the trail!

Kelsey´s hilarious makeshift blister remedy.

Truck on fire at the bus terminal in Chimbote, Peru...ghetto

Allie, Mikhail, Pierce and Peter At the beach in Mancora, stop number 1 on the whirlwind journey


  1. awww way cute! more pictures please! also, please please pleaseeeeeeeeee come back already...i really miss the two of you in my life! warning: prepare for the biggest hug of your lives!!

  2. i bet it will be really annoying when farnaz hugs you. she'll probably yell really loud too.

    i want you guys to come home, but I promise that, when you do so, I will contain myself and we will only shake hands.

    also, nice shoes, kstew!

  3. also! over dinner tonight with my fam, we were looking at the stars, and it reminded me of our camping trip in the fall (which, obviously, is happening again...especially now that you are such seasoned outdoors-women)! i started telling some hilarious stories about the two of you (all really good, don't worry). though the stories made me miss you both so much more, i found out that my family is very much in love with the two of you (my brother now even knows both of your names, which is a HUGE step for him haha...but totally not kidding) :)

  4. gosh, i am so glad somebody got a picture of that eggplant toucan!

    oh and also i guess it's good we have some macchu pichu pix.

  5. wowee wow wow wow!

    I used to think that Australia had really cool scenery, until I realised (<--british colony spelling) that it was actually flat and boring. Mountainous terrain is so much cooler! Machu Pikachu looks awesome.