Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the monster, PARTIN

he does things like this on his own without prompting. he knows how to capture hearts.

i think my parents could relate to this photo

sometimes i give him a taste of his own medicine

in my house lives an adorable little two year old named martin. sometimes we call him isaac. and SOMETIMES we call him partin, because he can't pronounce m-sounds and instead says m's as p's. its hilarious and he's cute. he is slightly disastrous. sometimes we make him dance for water, Martin--dance and we'll give you water! hahaha. and he does and its cute.

and once when i came out of my room in the morning he was eating butter out of the container with a fork. his mom was horrified when i told her.


  1. OMG bucket head so cute!
    hahaha @ the cushions one.
    love the one of the two of you! for more than one reason. but one of the reasons is, when i enlarge it, i can see your nose ring! or at least a sparkle where the nose ring is! and i have been stalking your facebook pics since you got that done for a chance to see it.

    he reminds me of david when david was little.
    and the butter story reminds me of dad's childhood. har har har. i can't wait to see you!!

  2. wow, it seems like everything that has been threatening to go wrong over your semester magically exploded into reality days before your departure. anyway, safe travels! i can't wait to hear all of your stories firsthand when we're all back in that states!

  3. oh my goodness, he has got to be the cutest kid...EVER. DO NOT LEAVE ECUADOR WITHOUT HIM. :)