Thursday, May 21, 2009

a sleepy time in cusco

hello all!

so TOMORROW at 6am we start the inca trail! craziness...but other than that we´ve been trying to relax here in cusco. here´s a brief update of our trip

1. we decided to fly into cusco and what a good decision..turns out people were protesting so intensely (the govt wants to privatize water but the farmers disagree) that roads were blocked. the guys we´re travelling with met girls who had to walk 35km into cusco because their bus was overtaken by protesters who kicked everyone off and then stole their toothpaste in order to write on the side of the bus. interesting.

2. at the beginning of the flight, when they were giving annoucements, nikki was doing something funny that caused me to laugh. the laugh came out as a sort of snort-cough which sounded kind of gross. the two people in front of me turned around and glared and i had no idea why. turns out, i cough-laughed right after the swine flu announcement. i felt like a jerk.

3. we´ve been feeling pretty under-the-weather since being here and actually spent the entire day sleeping yesterday. luckilly, we´re in a really nice hostel that is clean and is a charity that helps orphans in peru. doubly good. let´s just hope that nik´s crazy stomach pains go away. i called my parents for advice and it seems like it is NOT apendicitis due to the quiz my mom gave me for it. we actually slept about 34 hours alltogether.

4. today we went shopping and it was quite nice. i bought my nana the cutest hat that i hope she will wear. if she doesn´t want it, i will gladly take it.

5. with ease we´ve been finding veggie restaurants for allie, hooray!

we love you, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we embark on the next leg of our trip...mountain climbing with no pants!


  1. I love you too and I am so excited to hear that you are safe and having fun. Please feel better. I do not want to rush to cusco to see you in the hospital!


  2. I hope you guys had/are having fun! I'm thinking very jealously of you galavanting around Latin America, though I would like to point out that I've had a Philly cheesesteak, Waffle Shop, Meyer's Dairy ice cream, and big bags of pretzels since I've been home. So there. Also, did I miss something? Who's hiking with no pants and why?

  3. You guys are crazy! When are you getting back? When is the reunion?

  4. Pretty Ladies I miss you so much.
    Reading your blog is awesome.
    I can vividly imagine all your stories.
    --sleeping for 34 hrs. yum... i wish we did that in Cuenca. ;)
    I am really happy to hear that you both are safe. are my cpmments..
    1. tell me all about the inca trail, im sure you ladies are doing great and keeping up.
    (plata de la isla, aka isla de la plata was great training)
    2. good thing it wasnt me caughing or else they would have REALLY freaked out... cuz im brown and all... ;)
    3. Tell Nik to drink some oil of oregano... =]

    oh and 4!.. kells I carry a roll of toilet paper in my purse now... all bc of you..
    (not a HUGE roll, but a small roll... )

    Love you ladies.
    Continue to have a blast and cant wait until the next post.