Monday, January 12, 2009

Altitude Induced Asthma and Fruit Juice 4 lyfe!

Right now I'm sitting in Cafe Cactus across the street from my university with some friends from school moochin' the wireless and chillin.  I just had a delicious salad.  A huge salad in fact. Man was I in need of some veggies.  I'm not tryna knock the food here, god knows its better than the ground chicken popsicles we got in armenia but I don't think i've ever consumed this much starch in my life!  The three main components of every meal i've had are rice, potatoes and either bread or pasta.  But i dont want to complain  because sometimes my family likes to spice it up and serve me crackers instead. Seriously though I was dying for some vegetables in my life.  The fruit here is delish and i usually eat some for breakfast along with the fresh squoze homemade juice juice of the day made by my host mom.  I'm really into the jugo de mora (raspberry juice) and the jugo de piña (pineapple for you ignant english speakers).  There's also a bev called jugo de tomate but its not like our tomato juice.  It's sort of a light pinkish color and its sweet, like white grape juice.  They use tomates de arbol (tree tomatoes) to make the juice...there are tons of tomato trees all around our 'hood along with every other fruit you could imagine. It's actually pretty cool, every plant or bush or tree you pass in Lumbisi is growing some type of fruit or veggie.  
Yesterday, we went to el centro historico de quito and it was sick nasty.  The colonial architecture pretty much kills, as soon as i get a chance i'ma put some photos up in hrrr so you guys can check it out.  We visited some churches, we checked out el palacio del gobierno (the casa of President Correa) and we checked out the vista from parque Itchimbia.  The walk to the parque was no pleasant stroll though.  We probs ascended 20000 feet while walking, or climbing, up the nearly vertical streets of Quito.  It's like San Fran but on crack.  But man was the view awesome. It was def worth it. I'm actually pretty sure I'll be outrageously fit by the time i get back from all this walking at dangerously high altitudes.  Plus i've been utilizing my totally out of practice soccer skillz to play with the kids in Lumbisi.  Last night we played soccer with my family and some neighbors and they were really good.  Aside from altitude induced asthma, my moves weren't too bad. Our 15 year old neighbor, Romel, who is a mini Pele, gave me some props after the game which made me feel pretty good despite my wheezing gasps.  
Man i have so much more to tell but this post is getting long so ill save it for next time.  But just as a sneak prev. i went to a sweet cultural fiesta in Lumbisi this weekend where I got to work on my salsa moves.  Also, after living in Lumbisi i will never again be afraid of dogs.  Oh, and for what its worth, the 65 and sunny weather we've been having every day is a real drag compared to what i'm used to in State College.  I really miss the constant precipitation and continuously hypothermic weather.  Aight, that's it for now. Hasta Luego!!


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  1. that little end bit about the weather was very cruel of you. but i'm glad you and kels are getting so much exposure to cats and dogs.