Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quick Post

Yesterday, when I couldn´t understand what my host dad was saying to me, I changed the subject to commerical space travel. Don't even ask. The conversation ended quickly after.

Also, while helping my mom prepare delicious food, she told me that I was much easier to talk to than the last person. And the last person was some Chinese boy who didn't speak ANY Spanish, so that's sort of good..I guess?

A few nights ago, the two year old took to throwing the cat at my head.

Class starts in five minutes!

Love you all,


  1. I've been trying to post on your blog for a few days and have been completely blog inept. Hopefully this comment works. Ecuador sounds hilarious and exciting. You haven't missed much at PSU except cold weather, snow, and my roommates' cat butters who has taken a great liking to me. I miss you guys a lot and if this post works I'll try to comment again later.

  2. hi girls,
    just a beautiful coldish sort of a day in good old downtown reading,pa. burr. on the burr scale of 1-10 mas frio...numero diez. bebo cafe con leche .este dia por la manana ire a la weight watchers para el perdo.(?) entiendes. y tambien quiero decir que la noche pasada soy feliz porque yo come la comida de thai. y me gusta, si! en realidad.que sopresea.yo no me gusta antes. pero ahora si! peudes creer? y este tambien poca calor,yo obtener para alan
    pero yo como antes del papa revuelve a casa.hahaha. y ahora nescito tener una ducha.para hacer muy fresca.haha te quiero mucho y mucha y para toda la vida del mundo y beyondo. hola hola hola. mariandal

  3. first comment: i must say that reading this blog is like reading a transcript of your thoughts and, for that, i am greatly thankful because it has been lonely being the only person in state college who is unafraid (or unfiltered enough) to say their stream of thinking out loud, without any hesitation. miss you girls!

  4. Did I mention I love you back and stay clear of cats and apparently 2 year olds!