Sunday, January 25, 2009

More about food

The other day when I was coming home I was passed through the yard behind my house and saw this random duck. I had never seen a duck here before, only chickens and dogs. In fact, I thought for sure it was just some strange lookin’ chicken. Maybe even a chicken-dog breed, I wouldn’t put it past those crazy dogs! Seriously, though. Anyway, later that night, my mom was told me about how she tried to kill a duck earlier in the day but it got away. This was somehow the fault of my brother-in-law (look towards him and see that his eyebrows, once again, are moving up and down, up and down) though I am not sure how he was to blame. I then realized that the duck I had seen earlier had been ON THE RUN. I told her I had seen it and she was very interested in its whereabouts. Good thing it had been hours earlier that I had seen it because I am pro-live duck and anti- eating duck. Run little duck, run. Your secret whereabouts are safe with me.

The other day my mom also told me that she occasionally uses blood to flavor this one soup or something (and that she made it for the Chinese kid that stayed with them because “the Chinese will eat anything.”). It grossed me out a little—the thought of drinking animal blood—but she misunderstood and thought I was freaked out at the thought of drinking human blood. HAHA. NOPE, just blood in general doesn’t do it for me!

Also, when we got home from our trip last weekend I showed her the photos of me eating cuy. She was curious as to whether or not I liked it and I said that it was hard to eat because there were so many bones and the meat was tough. She then explained to me that the bigger the guinea pig, the tougher the meat. Therefore, it is better to eat the BABIES. I guess this is why mama guinea pigs always eat their youngins if they aren’t separated from one another while the babies are young. Too delicious to resist.

After telling me this, she showed me two frozen cuy. I get to eat them soon! Oh and Hector, though I did not try the brain, I talked to someone who did and they said it was NOT the best part and that really it just stuck to their mouth and was hard to chew and swallow.


  1. Gross I just read that to my roomie and I am sure he threw up in his mouth a little. I am glad you are trying everything. It's really cool and I am sure they appreciate it!