Sunday, January 25, 2009


The main sources of food here are rice, bread and potatoes and for sure you get at LEAST two of those at every meal. Sometimes, that is all you get. To supplement this diet, I like to eat ice cream and chips. Yum, yum, yum. I miss pretzels. SO BAD.

To my family, who(m) I am sure are very curious, yes, the sound of chewing still gets to me. Once, last week, I was feeling sick and my mom wanted me to eat and I was trying to pretend that I wasn’t feeling sick. I sat down to eat and my little sister pulled her chair really close to mine. And then she started eating. Mouth wide open. The sound of sloshing Chinese noodles and chicken DIRECTLY IN MY EAR. You know I couldn’t hide my sickness after that!! That night, we watched Twilight. (Yes, that vampire movie.) Equally good in Spanish—hahahahaha.

(I am currently in my living room alone and on the television is either an info-mercial trying to get me to buy a ticket to Guayaquil or porn. I can’t tell. Whichever it is, Barack’s face just made an appearance along with a song dedicated to his face. CAN I JUST SAY I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT TUESDAY!)


  1. Hi ladies, I absolutely love reading your stories. They are hysterical and better than any entertainment I could buy. It sounds like you're both doing great. Can't wait to hear how your classes are going and to meet some more of your friends. Please keep it coming!

  2. y yo tambien me encanta toda. the old nemesis sounds of we have accomadated over the old quote from my father was "when you leave home..then you will realize how good it was at home" not exact words but the context is there. along with absentee trustee.which anyone can benefit from.. te quiero las dos.