Tuesday, February 10, 2009

free cake

really quick: today when nik and I went to help teach english in a school in cumbaya all the kids had had to bake CAKES for homework! (there was a pumpkin pie recipe in their english book) so anyway, for a few hours we got to look at delicious fruit covered cakes as well as EAT delicious fruit covered cakes, free of charge, delish!

second: all the bus stops and random places around town have people walking around in crazy uniforms selling a delicious treat called ¨bon-ice¨which is basically an ice-pop that only costs ten cents. very refreshing, very cheap. i´m all about the bon-ice.

third: carnival is coming up! woo!

fourth: the other day our university was giving out free beer. at like ten a.m.


  1. What sort of smut blog is this?!?!?! I find these posts deeply troubling and disturbing hahahaha ;)

  2. How did I miss this free beer??? hah, just kidding.