Thursday, February 26, 2009

a little birthday night

so, here's a post about the nighttime portion of my birthday. it will not be long.

1. a girl in our program, ella, gave me a lapdance and it was hilarious. it included a little motorboat action, a banana and she took off her top.

2. watermelon margarita, SO GOOD.

3. so we were dancing and these guys come up to dance with us...

a.) alexis is dancing with this guy and he bites her neck, she was like geeze umz, so she comes to dance near me and some others when we realize, HER NECK WAS BLEEDING. crazy!
b.) guy from the same group, but different guy is dancing with me when he goes to kiss me and OUCH it was more like BITING OFF MY LIPS. and i was like OUCH that hurt! and then he tried again and I was like seriously you have got to stop, and in translated spanish said, "that gives my lips pain. you need to stop or my lips will soon have blood. the kiss is hard." and then i left to go dance with some other girlfriends.

weirdos at the beach, stop making us bleed. honestly, my lip was swollen the next day.

pretty sure there is a class in this SECRET comp lab, so maybe if i ever get internet again, i'll post more later.

oh and really really quick, in our one class the teacher just got a new job and they always say he is working at the ministry.

obviously that means he is a wizard.

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  1. I'm glad you had the interesting birthday you deserve but when we said go get a guy we didn't mean one that would bite your face off. Ok? I'm glad you had fun and I'm glad your lip is still on your face! Love you and miss you lots!

    I got to see your mom the other night! We miss you!