Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Grapes here have giant seeds and Chavez is taking over the world!

So its been quite a while since our last post, a testament tof how busy/overwhelming/depressingly rainy it's been lately.  Ok so over the weekend it rained freaking cats and dogs, which resulted in power outages etc.  What's more? Ridiculous derrumbes! Huge amounts of mudslides that look crazy, apparently this is really normal and happens all the time and no one thinks anything of the fact that the main thoroughfares of Ecuador are completely impassable between the coast and the sierra. 

Mudslides in ecuador!!! hope we don't die!

 We'll have to see where this leads us for Carnaval! That's right, Carnaval is coming up and the ecuadorian tradition is to douse unsuspecting passersby with buckets of water, silly string/foam stuff and water balloons.  Kelsey even got caught by some high schoolers and covered in paint. GOOD! Anywho, so this carnaval we're planning on heading down the Coast to Montañita, a sweet surfer beach with perfect weather, a surf competition and one endless party. Plus, so much sun!   
This is the hostel where we are staying (stayed) in montañita complete with lots of hammocks and hot tubs. so good!

Ok so i wrote this last week (Feb 17th) but just had to post it before i updated you on carnaval


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