Thursday, February 26, 2009

more about my 21st (!!!) birthday

this post will cover the day part of my birthday: Isla de la Plata

Nik already mentioned that we went and hiked Isla de la Plata and that it was ridiculously exhausting and I'm pretty sure that I was delirious because i could only think of the following, "slow and steady wins the race" LIE. and also, "when the going gets tough, the tough gets going." and I thought that one through so much I didn't even know what it meant at the end. I was also having imaginary conversations (in my head, mostly) with the birds that went like this:

"well, deeeeerrr, I'm a birrrdyy." and then it would say, "and whooooo are yooouuu????" and then again, "deerrrrrrr, buuurddyyy." so maybe i was suffering from heat stroke, but you should have seen those bird eyes, they spoke to ya'.

and THEN ...


we met people. from the u.s. who were working on the island. what was their job?


lololololHA|HAHAHHAAlolol. okay, who the heck's JOB is it to CAPTURE LITTLE KITTENS and then MATAR them! that's all i'm saying, quite possibly, the highlight of the hike.

we also went snorkeling and even though visbality wasn't the best, it was wonderfully refreshing. i got to swim really close to a school of fish and snorkel with my mouth over a ?water pipe? that was probably never washed. the water was ridiculously blue and it was awesome.

also to note, zack made us all delicious breakfast and when we got back to puerto lopez, they surprised me with birthday s'mores annnddd birthday pretzels!! the least stale ones i've had. delicious.

yay birthday day. it was the first time my birthday hasn't been cold!


  1. Maybe our day wasn't as bad as yours, but while the hike was hot, it's wasn't heat-stroke hot. Maybe that's because we stocked up on bagged water before heading out. Also, we saw lots of boobies, I don't know what happened on Sunday that you only saw a few. Tragic. I do like how dumb you made the birds, I think that's very appropriate.

  2. Non-native house cats are a major threat to native bird species. In the U.S. house cats kill about one billion birds every year. If you like all the tropical birds there in Ecuador, thank the cat killers.