Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I've refound the art of squatting over a toilet. Back at home, somewhere along the line, I lost the precious skill, but for some reason, here in Ecuador, it's all come back to me--sort of like riding a bike I guess. Why has squatting once again become a prominent part of my life? One can never be sure. Maybe it's because I'm no longer peeing in cozy 269 or comfy 1018 with the people near and dear to me. Or (more likely!) maybe it's because in Ecuador toilets don't come with TOILET SEATS. I'm not really sure WHY but the tradition here seems to be

1. install toilets
2. promptly remove the toilet seat

and then an optional step three which is

3. check to see if there is toilet paper and\or soap in the bathroom, if there is, remove that also

And I'm not talking about the shady bathrooms we have to use on our trips all over the country. I'm talking about USFQ, people. THE UNIVERSITY. NO TOILET SEATS. And thusly squatting has returned. Full force squatting, 24/7. Long live the upper-thigh muscles.

Peeing like a champ,


  1. please continue to write posts about your bodily functions.

  2. Ah but can you squat and pull TP out of your backpack at the same time?

  3. hahahahaha. dear america, thanks for purell.

  4. hey, most of the toilets over here don't have seats either! and they do this sort of half-flushing thing, which can get really, really gross. especially since the toilets here also function as garbage disposals.

  5. I've mastered that art too! Somehow they forgot step 2 in my apartment, so I'm lucky. Have you tried the ones that are basically holes in the ground the size of a baseball? That's a lot of fun.

  6. hahahahaha
    it makes the toilets in Atherton's lobby seem less terrible, right?

  7. Did I ever tell you about my outhouse debacle in Armenia? If not, you should have Nik fill you in. After that experience, I'd take a toilet without a seat any day.